Must Haves for Working on The Road

With major changes having come to business all over the world as working flexibility and remote options are plentiful, individuals have been taking advantage with a surge in things like van conversions for those really living on the road, and for those moving to different countries to explore new cultures whilst holding down a 9-5 – there’s a huge amount of resource available from digital nomads with tips and tricks found along the way, as well as things to avoid, but one of the most important aspects is to keep that steady income. So, what are the must haves when working on the road to ensure working opportunities aren’t impacted?

Small tool kit and tech specs for devices ­– Whilst it may seem like a strange one to start with, it’s something often overlooked – it’s not always going to be easy to get to a repair shop if the laptop gives up, or if something needs to be upgraded or changed. Depending on the device, this can be relatively easy to do too, and a little troubleshooting could save a big bill at the repair shop. Tech specs can be found online for free, and a small tool kit with the option of keeping a soldering iron close by can solve almost any issue, with just a little know how needed and should be essential particularly for those on the road.

Low-tech backups – In a very similar vein, getting stuck would be worse if the phone suddenly runs out of battery or is no longer useable and having a low-tech backup is a cheap way to remedy this – look for a cheaper old phone, the more analogue the better, and just keep it charged and out of the way. If an emergency ever comes up, there’s always going to be a reliable device to cover this emergency.

Power banks and green energy – For most living on the road, having enough solar capacity to keep small devices charged up isn’t uncommon at all and there can always be a reliance to use the vehicles battery to charge too, but in an effort to keep with the low cost and low impact living, expanding on green energy potentials with other small features or just stocking up and keeping a few power banks charged when having access to the grid is a great way to stay online too – this can lead to a bit of an expense upfront, but has the potential to save quite a lot in the long run.

Remote working particularly on the road isn’t for everyone, but there are plenty of things that can be done to make the journey more pleasant, and memorable.

Infographic Created By Golen Engine Service, Builders of High-Performance LSX Crate Engines