Mastering the Business of Content Creation – a Travel Blogger’s Case Study

By the time YouTube suggests their video on your home page feed or you spend the next week re-living their written travel experiences on their blog, that content creator has notched up many miles in some hard work that went into the content they put out. A torrent of vloggers, bloggers and other content creators rush to come online in competition, hoping to replicate this apparent success that’s up for grabs, only to find that a lot more needs to go into this type of business.

Let’s look at travel bloggers in particular, the best and most successful of which start out with a vision to travel and explore as many places as possible, ideally while making money through those travels to prolong and keep funding them. Such a content creator would do well to consult with the best SEO company they can work with to get some pointers on how to structure their content in such a way that it lays the foundation for the organic traffic that is the preserve of an SEO-friendly web publication platform.

So you’d be clued-up, from the get-go, all about the ideal length of your blog posts; how much the search engines love videos embedded in the text; what keywords to use and with what density to include them; etc. The same goes for videos in the case that it’s a travel vlogger or YouTuber; the ideal length of the title of your videos, etc.

Generally the presentation style would be as good as is expected of anyone seeking to grab the attention of a returning audience, so basically your content must be interesting so that it’s engaging, ideally through being informative and entertaining. Travel bloggers operate some kind of lifestyle business if you strip it down to its bare bones, with ample opportunity to generate interesting and informative content, which can later be monetised or even monetised almost immediately.

If you need to replace your laptop as a travel vlogger, for instance, you best believe a screen recording of you searching around this website for the ideal travel vlogger’s laptop will make for some interesting viewing! It’s all part of the lifestyle and that’s where many budding content creators get things wrong – they think they have to pull a rabbit out the hat every time, when in fact it’s the ordinary things that form part of their lifestyle which are the most interesting.

What about your experience with a certain moving company, for instance, when you decided to move all your stuff into a storage unit so that you could be free to start travelling all over the world? That’s what people who eventually find their way to your online content channels want to see and read about.

Focus on creating the right content and what sounds like the cliché of the money soon to follow will be revealed to be more than a mere cliché. There’s nothing wrong with targeting your content creation journey as a source of income and business, but the business of content creation rewards those who simply love what they do.