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How You Can Learn to Work with Jet Lag

Having traveled around the world, there’s just one unfortunate aspect about travelling that we’ve never quite been able to beat; that is the dreaded jet lag!

Yet, in recent years we have indeed come to an agreement and understanding with it, almost coming to terms with its presence, understanding that it’s just one small aspect of traveling that we indeed aren’t alone in experiencing.

However, what we have begun to do now is to work on minimizing the disruption that it initially caused us at the very beginning of our traveling adventures.

Though we don’t claim to have found a solution to jet lag, we have picked up many tips as to how to reduce its impact in the meantime. A popular option for jet lag sufferers is to take supplements, such as those you find via and similar links, that also assist with anti-aging. This type of supplement works instantly, so it is a good option for those starting to feel the effects of jet lag. Therefore, if you see yourself continually losing a day or two to this horrible concept each time you travel, here are a few words of advice as to how we try to deal with it.

Getting into Your Designed Time Zone Ahead of Time

While this isn’t always easy to do for many people, by staying up and getting into the time zone of the country that we’ll be traveling to a couple of days before we set off, we don’t disrupt our body clock too much. This means when we do arrive at our destination, we can adapt a little bit easier to the time change. If we’re heading off to a new country at the beginning of the week, we select a whole weekend to start making this shift in times from Friday night onwards.

Using Your Flight Time Wisely

Once again, this links to mimicking your new time zone schedule as we’ve just suggested, with continuing to work to your new time zone as soon as you step off the plane.

We immediately set our watches to the time of our intended destination as soon as we the plane takes off. That way we work on the time where we’re heading. This means that if its night time at our destination, we make sure we get some much-needed sleep on the plane. If it is daytime at our destination as we’re flying, we make a concentrated effort to stay awake throughout the flight!

Now, this technique always needs a little bit of additional preparation beforehand, such as a planned schedule of what to do on the plane to occupy our time, especially if it’s a long-haul flight. However, by getting this right, we step off the plane ready to mold in with our new time zine straight away.