How to Organise Rooms with Storage Boxes

Storage is a big feature of anyone’s home, keeping your living space free and tidy but being able to have somewhere to keep all your belongings. These days, people can DIY their own sheds to fit their own requirements, with only needing a concrete pad for shed bases and some wooden panels to build it. But indoor storage is a little more tricky. Keeping your home tidy and free of clutter is much more effective when you use a series of storage boxes. They are available in a variety of materials and a wide range of sizes enabling you to match the box and the items you want to store. These really useful boxes are inexpensive, practical and perfect for every room in your home.

Plastic Storage Boxes

These are available in all shapes and sizes. They can be manufactured like open topped crates for easy access to tools in the garden shed or for keeping your child’s toys tidy. They usually have ledges on the corners that enable you to stack them. Some of the most useful plastic storage boxes have lids to keep the contents secure and dust-free. They are ideal in any room for storing items such as photographs or medicines in the bathroom cabinet. They can also be used inside wardrobes to keep your favourite shoes, belts, scarves and jewellery in a tidy, organised manner. Often transparent, you can instantly see what is inside.

Woven Baskets

For an ecological, environmentally-friendly home, choose storage boxes woven from natural materials such as rattan or hemp. They are lightweight, relatively flexible and can be used in any room. They add a stylish, textured appearance to your bedroom’s dressing table where they are ideal for storing nail polish, cosmetics and cotton wool balls. In the living room they are perfect for holding the remote control units for the television or for coasters to protect your tables from spilled drinks. They can even be used as decorative coverings for plant pots.

Stackable Drawer Units

Storage boxes arranged as stacked drawers are ideal for keeping similar items grouped together. They can be found in all sizes, including a floor standing cabinet for storing your clothes. A miniature tower of drawers is perfect for housing paper clips, staplers, pens, pencils and paper in your home office. In the kitchen, they can hold recipe cards, spices or cutlery.

Woven Plastic Boxes

This type of washable, open topped storage box has side panels with slats that provide ideal air circulation when storing vegetables or fruit in your refrigerator or larder. They can also be used for storing craft materials in your spare room or cleaning products, dusters and brushes beneath your kitchen sink.

Fabric Storage Boxes

In sizes ranging from small cubes to tall, open tubs, these are versatile storage boxes that conveniently collapse down when not in use. They have countless uses such as storing laundry, keeping rolls of gift wrapping paper or soft toys tidy. Frequently equipped with handles, they are lightweight enough to hang from a hook to maximise the space in a bedroom or kitchen. Available in stylish patterns to complement the colour scheme of your bedroom or living room, they are usually machine washable to keep them fresh.