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How to Enjoy a Weekend Getaway as A Couple?

Life is getting tougher by the day, and we at BordersBlog couldn’t help but acknowledge it. There are more work responsibilities to meet, more goals to achieve and more social media posts to like. But amidst all these, a couple often starts feeling uncomfortable. Distances start growing larger to a point where you are simply longtime roommates. We keep the spark alive in our relationship by traveling together to new places. Here are some of our most important tips to enjoy the getaway.

Keep distractions away

You only have the weekend to yourself, so keep all the distractions at bay. It would be best if you don’t talk about work, stop picking phones (unless, of course, they are very important), stop replying to emails and stop skimming through your social media feeds. When we are together, we always ensure that we have a minimal number of distractions. We like to talk, share our experiences and just have a good time together while creating posts for BordersBlog. It is refreshing to have some time alone in the world with your partner and feel like kids again.

Don’t plan to go too far away

Some couples prefer to go to destinations that may be too far away from the city they live in. You often have to dedicate the majority of your time traveling which doesn’t make sense. Moreover, it’s just a two-day weekend. Even if you manage to stretch it to three days, you don’t want to come back home, hoping to sleep for 12 hours straight. Keep your journey as short as possible so that you spend more time with each other, just going around and having fun. We once went to a nearby farm that was just a 2 hours’ drive away from our home. We had a great time running behind goats on the grazing lands and spent two hours just chatting, sitting on bundles of hay. Of course, we brainstormed tons of new ideas for BordersBlog too.

Don’t forget to have fun

It is not just going ticking a box on your to-do list. You go to a place together to enjoy each other’s company and to fall in love all over again. This makes it important to have fun with each other. Some couples make an itinerary that includes visiting one restaurant, drinking beer at a craft beer shop, attending a small local event- that’s it. We don’t do that. We always leave some space for exploring and sometimes roam around the streets with ice cream cones in our hands, just trying to live life and living each moment to the fullest.

Talk to each other

You would be surprised to find that most couples don’t have time to have a heart-to-heart chat with each other these days. Their responsibilities, jobs, etc. take so much of their time that it becomes impossible to share your fears, joys and desires with the one you love. Don’t let this space come in between you two. Even if you are going to a local fair, leaving the kids with their grandmother, just make sure you talk and speak to each other directly from the heart.

Good luck!