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How to Achieve an Effortless Summer Glow All Year Round

Everyone is excited for summer and looks forward to the great season.

Flowers bloom to make the season colorful. Sunlight bathes dull scenes with life and colorful blooms. And, bushes in gardens flower to look more beautiful and interesting.

The clear, blue skies crown summer days with beautiful weather, something no painting or photo can truly capture. The warm weather makes this season perfect for spending lots of time outdoors.


Most of us feel much better and healthier in summer for numerous reasons. They range from longer daylight hours to the motivation and increased energy that comes with spending more time outdoors. Other reasons we’re excited about summer include:

  • The great weather
  • Vacations and long walks
  • Beach days for sun bathing
  • Ice cream time
  • Fairs and festivals
  • More time to spend with the kids and family
  • Less clothes to wear
  • Relaxing in an air conditioned room (search for Home Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.: AC Tune up In Twin Falls or something similar if your AC needs a tune up before the summer!)


We don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy everything that comes with it. You can maintain that summery look, glow and feel all year round. Here’re a few easy tips to help you achieve that radiant, sun-kissed summery glow throughout the year:

5 Ways You Can Get an Easy Summer Glow All Year Round

  1. Use a fake tan

The power of a good fake tan to give you a glow is impeccable. Whether you opt for a DIY application or a professional spray, you’re guaranteed a faux glow to grace your weekly routines or social occasions.

A fake tan can also offer you UV protection.

A mitt can give you a flawless, bronzed finish. Hands have grooves and dry areas, hence a mitt prevents a patchy skin effect. It also eliminates streaking and crease lines for a perfect glow.

Exfoliate the skin before applying a fake tan to give you a lasting and better-looking glow. Moisturize your hands, elbows, ankles, knees, and feet when doing a self-tan or spray tan to prevent the fake tan from catching on the areas.

Letting your tan dry up makes it prone to cracking. So, develop a strict moisturizing routine using a rich, heavy-duty moisturizer for weekly tans. This prevents visible patchy fading and uneven buildup on your skin.

A specialized formula is ideal for sensitive skin to prevent breakout on your face. Organic tans such as Eco Tan and sun safe options offer safety and UV protection. Some options include self-tanning:

  • Lotion
  • Mousse
  • Gel
  • Towelettes
  • Mist
  • Serum
  1. Opt for bronze/nude makeup look

A facial product with a tanning agent gives a gradual bronze glow. A one-wash wonder is ideal for one-time tanning for a bronzed finish. However, a shimmering body oil with a tan agent gives a general radiant look.

A lightweight bronzing serum or a natural bronzer serum makeup for skincare can give you a radiant, glowing look. Used either as a highlighter or an all-over glow giver, a bronze or nude makeup can give you a gorgeous summery look.

Available in sun-kissed tones with vibrant colors, choose shades suitable for your skin type and color. Consider a vitamins-infused option for a healthy glow. A bronze makeup that’s slightly darker than your natural skin tone lightly dusts your neck, face, and shoulders for a warm, sun-kissed finish.

Bronzy eye shadows are ideal for all eye colors and can give your eyes a shimmery, Champagne look. Apply contrasting shades on your lash line and mid-eyelids for a soft dimension.

Opt for natural bronze or nude makeup to protect your skin from harsh chemicals found in non-organic options.

  1. Salty beach wave hair styles

Tousled beach wave hairstyles are synonymous with summer. You automatically get surfer-girl hair with more hair and volume the moment you get in contact with the salty waters and ocean breeze at the beach.


You can still wear this style all-year round without visiting the beach. The right salt spray can transform your hair, giving it that beach wavy touch with just a few spritzes. The gritty, tousled hair texture is a great way to get a summer glow.

Choose a spray that wouldn’t tangle your hair or leave it feeling crunchy and sticky. The best texturizing spray won’t just give your hair the summer look you want, but also make it soft and touchable.

The salt in the dry sprays create volume, but with a beautiful, silky effect on your hair. Acting as a light texturizer, the salt sprays have a “hold factor” that makes them stick onto your hair.

Couple your carefree, summer-ready tousled hair with radiant, sun-kissed skin to get a look you can only get after spending an entire day at the beach.

  1. Clothing – donning your everyday summer dresses

Summer fashion styles that make you feel less frumpy can also give you a summer glow to flaunt all-year round. Layer light fabrics such as cotton and linen during the colder winter days.

Dresses are a summer staple popular for their versatility and ease-to-wear. They can be worn during the day or nighttime, atop being comfortable to run in.

Easily re-style and layer your summer dresses to wear all year round. Add cover and warmth to your arms and legs as follows:

  • Pair your dress with at least one topper such as a blazer, a cardigan, or a jacket for cover from chills. Accessorize with a belt to create interest or draw attention to your waist.
  • Wear a dress with tights underneath and add a long coat and a woven neck scarf for a layering look.
  • Pair a dress with a long-sleeved T-shirt underneath. Complete the look with a buttoned-up shirt.
  • Wear your dress and layer it with a sweater or a long-sleeved chambray or denim button-up shirt. Button the shirt from top to make the dress look like a skirt.
  • Pair a dress top with pants underneath for a stylish look you can flaunt all year round.
  1. Healthy foods to assist glowing skin and hair

Specific healthy foods such as nuts, fish and seafood can make your hair and skin glow. Drinking lots of water and eating avocadoes can nourish your body with the right nutrients.

Nuts, also known as the food of eternal youth, are rich in nutrients vital for renewing your skin for a youthful look. Ranging from pistachios to Brazil nuts to hazelnuts, they’re packed with Selenium, a shine-enhancing nutrient for glossy or radiant hair.

On the other hand, fish and seafood contain proteins, iodine, and omega-3 oils. The vitamins, trace elements, and fatty acids in seafood nourish the skin for enhanced glow and beauty. The best results could be achieved by relying on a local seafood delivery service, which might guarantee fresh seafood. Add tuna salad, king prawns, and sea bass to your diet for radiant skin. Other healthy foods include:

  • Safflower oil
  • Spa water
  • Eggs
  • Seaweed
  • Dark chocolate
  • Berries
  • Yellow pepper
  • Green vegetables
  • Green tea


Women love summer for the glow and radiance it adds to their looks. But, healthy foods, bronze or nude makeup, fake tan and the right clothing can give you that summery look all-year round. Working out, reducing stress and quality sleep also give easy summer glows throughout the year.

Author Bio: Leanne Lee loves fashion to no end so she writes about it with Blue Bungalow, reads about it and basically lives and breathes it everyday. She’s an avid collector of oversized handbags, indoor cacti, and loves a good G&T to cap off the week.