How first time buyers are getting on the property ladder in 2022

Many things have changed for us in 2022 from the way we exercise to the way we shop or even just how much we appreciate the luxury of being able to dine out. But another big change is the way in which homes are being purchased. While the usual way of buying a property often includes putting down a deposit and then getting a mortgage by contacting a Mortgage Broker Denver or elsewhere, in 2022, there are many ways to buy a new home that make it both easier and quicker for first time buyers. Because there are multiple avenues for potential homeowners to go down to get the home of their dreams, there are better chances for them to delve into, and in some instances, they are building them to the specifications they want, whether that is brick homes or metal houses, there is a range for them to choose from and fund. So how can you get on the housing ladder with a better deal in 2021 without compromising on location and size?

Shared ownership

One of the ways people are now buying their first home is through shared ownership. With a range of properties available and plenty of sites such as showcasing some of the best in the sector, getting your hands on your first home has never been easier. Shared ownership involves buying a share in a property rather than the entirety meaning you only have to put down a deposit on the share you want to buy. You only have to get a mortgage for this portion too, so you won’t have to worry if you’re a single person looking for a property or about being accepted for a mortgage. With shared ownership you have two of the biggest hurdles taken care of. With plenty of homes available from shared ownership homes in Surbiton if you’re looking for luxury suburban living, to central London apartments. These homes are also all new builds with high spec interiors so you can rest assured that a move here will be one you won’t regret.

Help to Buy

Another increasingly popular way to buy a home is through Help to Buy. Help to Buy is a scheme allowing the buyer to put down a 5% deposit and obtain a 20% equity loan. This loan comes with no interest for the first 5 years and knocks off a big chunk of the mortgage. These homes are also new builds from apartments in Canary Wharf to family homes in Brighton. Help to Buy, goes one step further in London where you can get a 40% equity loan, cutting the mortgage down to just 55% after the 5% deposit. With 5 years to take the pressure off your repayments, a help to buy home is a great way to buy your first home and will ensure you save.

New Developments

If you’re looking for luxury homes, checking out new developments is a great way to start your search. Not only are new developments often shared ownership or help to buy homes, but they also come with an abundance of opportunities from new businesses to ideal workspaces.

These areas also boast plenty of small businesses cropping up all over the area, box-ticking transport connections in and around the city and a plethora of green spaces and sports facilities to get you active, residents of this area are put first. With the infrastructure built around a healthy and balanced lifestyle checking out new developments is a great place to look if you’re planning on settling down.