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Great Ideas for Traveling Couples in London

London is the home of Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official residence. However, this city has so much more to offer traveling couples who are out to have the time of their lives. No matter the time of the year, London is filled with places that will deliver fun, adventure, and unforgettable memories. Below, we highlight some of the best ideas to help you and your partner make the best out of your stay in London.

Wine and chocolate tasting

Indulging in wine and chocolate is one of the most romantic ways to spend your time in London. Several places guide couples through the process of sampling both wine and chocolate while enjoying the ambience and tranquillity of the city at the same time. High-end hotels give guests a chance to taste a variety of wines and teach them the art of pairing these wines with a variety of foods. Remember, wine and chocolate tasting is a fun experience, but you may need to call a taxi home!

Taking a boat ride through the Grand Canal

Head out to the Grand Canal for a taste of romance coupled with tranquillity. Located in North West London, the Grand Canal is a destination that most couples love. You and your partner can take a boat ride through the canal on the vibrant houseboats. You will also enjoy the serene waterways and stop for sumptuous meals at waterside cafes. There are also several stops that you can make for the ultimate experience at the Grand Canal, including Brownings Pool and Blomfield Road.

Playing golf

Golf is not just a boring sport meant for business partners. Things have been revving up in Central London for a while now, and today, there are many pop-up crazy golf London courses that you and your partner can enjoy. You can find these golf courses just about anywhere, including parks, beer gardens, shopping malls, and rooftops. If you are not interested in these kinds of places, you and your loved one can head out to the outskirts where you will find the more extensive traditional golf courses.

Taking a helicopter ride

If you and your partner are fascinated by being above the ground, then this is a sure-fire way to pump excitement and thrill into your tour of London. It takes approximately 25 minutes to one hour to complete a helicopter ride over the city. Taking in the sites and wonders of the city from a bird’s eye view is enjoyable and unforgettable. However, to ensure that you make the most of your helicopter tour, check the weather forecast before. A clear sky guarantees better visibility, which results in the best rides.

Horseback riding

Nothing beats the romantic mood set by couples riding on horsebacks through a park. You as well can enjoy the horseback riding experience in London’s Hyde Park Stables. The park offers its services throughout the year for you and your beloved to enjoy whenever you are in London.