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Factors to consider when buying a laptop

Our computers are powerful tools that allow us to be able to achieve a wide variety of tasks that range from official, personal and leisure. A popular type of computer is a laptop. The laptop is now much more popular than desktop computers, especially for personal use, because of how easy it is to move them around. When you want to get a laptop, here are some factors to consider.

Your budget is a very important factor when you want to buy laptops, there are various brands and models of laptops with varying prices. Furthermore, there are also places where due to discounts or direct purchase from the manufacturer, you might be able to buy at a cheaper price. You could check reviews about best buys to know where you can get the best deals when you want to purchase a laptop.

Some laptops have different features as well. These days you can get laptops that are touch screens and can even double up as a tablet when you require them to. Whilst these can certainly be very useful and handy when you are regularly using them, due to the touch screen you might need to invest in extra equipment such as a stylus or special screen protector. You could find options for these add ons through reading ages about either one of the best stylus for your touchscreen laptop or an article about the different types of screen protectors available. It might always be good to keep your budget in mind however when researching what type of laptop you are interested in purchasing.

The processor of the laptop you intend to buy is very important. You should look out for the processor type and the processor speed. Anything from dual-core and over 2 GHz will be great for your day to day activities. However, if you want to play heavy graphic games and use heavy applications like video editing, you might want to go for core i5 and above.

The size of the RAM of your computer could easily determine how much workload it can take at a time before it starts to hang your computer. For general usage, anything from 4gb RAM is great. However, you might need a minimum of 8GB RAM for video editing.

Hard Disk Size
The size of the Hard disk is also very important as it would determine how many files you can save. Even though most documents like Excel and Word require very little space, once you want to store things like movies and a lot of songs on your computer, you might want to get a computer with a minimum of 500GB HDD.

Screen Size
Laptop screen sizes could range from less than 10 inches for mini laptops to over 18 inches. You should go for a screen size that would suit the activities you want to use the computer for. If you are more particular about a portable size, you might opt for the smaller screens, while if you are more particular about usefulness, you can opt for the bigger size.

Some laptops come with numeric keyboards while others do not. Some keyboards come with a backlight, while others do not. Depending on your needs, you can insist on a laptop that has a numeric keyboard and/or screen light.

If you want to do a lot of web chats or want to be able to snap pictures and record videos directly with your laptop, you can go for a laptop that has a webcam.

Battery life
The battery life of your laptop is also very important. This is especially for digital nomads who have to move around with their laptops. You want a laptop that would be able to work for a long time without power so that you don’t get stranded every other time you are using your laptop where you can’t access a power outlet.