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Enjoy These Great Ways to Save On Your Next City Break

City breaks can be great, but they can also get surprisingly expensive. By following these tips, you can stick to a budget and either save money for something else or put it towards your next trip.

Stay in the UK

It’s common for people thinking of booking a city break to immediately start looking outside the UK. While there are plenty of great options just a short plane journey away, there are also a wonderful selection of places to visit right here in the UK, and they’re often best experienced during a city break. Better yet, booking inside the UK is going to significantly cut down your costs.

Go with Friends

City breaks can be enjoyed alone or as a couple, but you should also think about going as a group if you want to save money. You can split a serviced apartment to save on accommodation costs and take advantage of tours and special offers that are aimed at larger groups. If you’re driving, you can also split fuel costs.

Travel Off-Season

You’ll find most places are popular during certain times of year, usually during the school holidays, through the height of summer, and around the Christmas period. While travelling during those times can be great, you’ll often get a better impression of the city itself by visiting when things aren’t as crowded. You should also save plenty of money on anything from tours to accommodation.

Go Self-Catered

Another good reason to book a serviced apartment for your next city break is to take advantage of a full kitchen. Even the shortest of city breaks can become more expensive than you first imagined when you need to eat out for every meal. Instead, use your serviced apartment’s kitchen to prepare a few of them without spending as much.