Double Your Vacation Fun with Nightlife

Every day counts – and every night matters. When we go on vacation, the fun doesn’t stop at sundown. Sometimes new adventures await at night. Instead of cutting vacation days short by halting nighttime activity, here are some activities to consider when you’re in a new place.

Rent a Car and Go Sightseeing

Whether you’re somewhere across the world like in Greece or if you’re vacationing in a much more “vibier” part of the world, renting a car makes for a great way to add more hours to your total vacation time. Holidaymakers who head on over to Crete don’t start exploring that part of Greece without first stopping to pick up a car from the likes of Rental Center Crete, and they’re onto something there. Being able to drive yourself around during the day might have you saving lots of time and energy for the nightlife which you’re indicatively primarily at that specific destination for, so no waiting around for what can be very erratic and unreliable public transport.

Explore Local the Local Cuisine

Most of us enjoy eating (we do!), and new options can be exciting because we often find new favorite foods that make our tongues do the tango! Dining at night is especially fun – sometimes restaurants have singers or other entertainment.

How do you find a restaurant? If you are visiting a city like Orlando or New York, you can explore by foot. In places like this you will find several after 5-10 blocks of walking.

Take a Night Tour

Many cities feature bus tours that take you around the city. The buses follow a route filled with monuments and other tourist attractions. Touring on buses is fun, particularly when you can sit atop the bus. In NYC, you will find the famous Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, and more…

But what happens when no tour is available or it’s too late to take one? That’s when good ol’ reliable rental car comes in handy. When visiting Washington, D.C., for example, the Lincoln Memorial and White House look great during the day, but at night they are stunning. To see sights in a new light, plan to do some exploring at night.

Find a Show

Finding a play to watch is one of the most exciting nightlife events. Plays are enjoyable, classy ways to extend vacation fun into the evening. Whether a Broadway play or a free one at a school, there is something special about seeing others bring a story to life before our eyes. Plays are also special because they allow you to see talent from a different culture or city. That universal human experience that we connect with across state or country borders – plays spark that experience.

Other shows to search for include concerts, dance recitals, and even drive-in movies. Within these shows you may find yourself connecting to a character, sensing your spirit restore.

Remember to be wise about your surroundings. Avoid obscure areas, and always explore with at least one other person. Do your research about the place you’re visiting beforehand so you know which areas are best to explore.