Don’t Leave Your Dog at Home When Camping

Dogs are the best friends of humans, as we’ve been walking along each other for hundreds of years, so why leave your friend at home when you’re going camping? Just imagine this freeing feeling for your canine to run in through the fields and forests, to breathe fresh air and take sun baths with no worry in the world.

A lot of people have tried this and failed, though, because earlier there were few camping spots where you wouldn’t have to keep your dog in a tent. Lots of campers write that they imagined a cozy relaxing camping with enough space for them and for the dog but ended up like pickles in a jar with all the other campers.

Dog-Friendly Campsites Are a Must-Go

Nowadays, there are a lot of camping sites created specifically for people with dogs. Every site has at least 10-15 acres of land to discover where dogs can forget about boundaries and run free. Usually, the land where the campsites are is private, so there will be no strangers who can injure your friend. Some campsites also have hiking trails, natural spas and swimming pools, as well as a lot of activities for dogs.

People say it’s similar to Airbnb but for people who go camping with their pets.

What Such Campsites Look Like

Every site is equipped with a special platform made of wood, a huge tent with a bed, a table with chairs for picnics outside and usual meals inside. The tent also has a wood stove, a shower where the water is heated naturally by the Sun, a dry storage, a specialized fire pit, and a more or less convenient camp restroom.

Of course, such luxury camping-wise isn’t free, you have to pay about $120-$200 a night. But maybe you’ll manage to find some economy version to suit your budget and camping needs. And if you need more, some camping sites also offer extra services and tools for some additional pay, of course. You can get cooking supplies, special bedding, kayaks, bikes, fresh food from a nearby farm, etc. So you can plan your trip as you like, and they will provide you with everything necessary.

There are also additional treats and interesting activities for dogs, of course. You can take your best friend kayaking, hiking, simply swimming or running, you can play with them, have a rest with them, and no one will disturb you or say that dogs are not allowed.