Destinations Over 60s Need to Add to Their Bucket List

Among elderly people, making bucket lists is a popular phenomenon. Simply put a list of all your aspirations or dreams that you wish to achieve in your life before you die is a bucket list.

We agree that using the bucket list will motivate older people to keep their lives busy and enthusiastic. This gives you the aim to achieve and to search for opportunities that can only be useful for overcoming isolation and loneliness. Let us have a deeper look:

1. Enjoy a Lake District Weekend
It is described as one of the best outdoor venues in Britain with its network of lakes, valleys, and forests that are so very peaceful.

2. Edinburgh Festival Experience
It is a fusion of art, culture, and celebration in an iconic city to enjoy great music, theatre, and creative talent. This article on the Age UK Mobility website is very useful.

3. Stroll along the coast of Pembrokeshire
Explore the real beauty of blue skies, the turquoise ocean, and the blossoming of flowers. You will love the natural beauty here.

4. See the Wall of Hadrian
It is marvellous to see that ruins are still visible, like the Great Wall of China. Hadrian’s Wall was built in the year 122 AD to help guard against an invasion.

5. The wonder of Stone Formations at Stonehenge
An emblem of British history and one of the world’s most prominent landmarks is a must-see.

6. Get a Meeting Reunion
Family is the most important thing in life and older families can be isolated from each other. It is important to bring everyone together so that we can spend time and build meaningful memories.

7. Take afternoon tea in the Ritz
Discover the splendour and elegance of a luxurious world-famous hotel in one of Britain’s finest traditions.

8. Take a road trip across the US
The renowned Route 66 is a famous road trip to Las Vegas, California, and San Francisco. Another for the bucket list certainly, irrespective of your age.

9. Go shopping in New York for Christmas
The great apple is a majestic and popular destination in November and December for Christmas shopping. It’s the perfect bucket list concept with plenty of events and sights to visit.

10. See the Northern Lights
The Northern Lights are a great natural display, an open, multicoloured show of light most often seen in the very most northern hemisphere. Those wishing to see them may want to have a look for the best time to visit Iceland, Norway or Canada in order to see them.

11. Do any sort of charity
It won’t only make you feel amazing, but it also makes a major difference in someone else’s life and job in some way.

12. Learn a new language
Most of us would like to do it. This is not easy work, but it is never too late to learn.

13. Have a Makeover
Sometimes in our lives, we’re so busy that occasionally, we forget to relax. You can make it a bucket list item for a complete transformation.

14. Travel to Lapland
Father Christmas and his Elves are live in Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland. It has beautiful scenery and is certainly one you should keep on your list!

15. Travel on the Orient Express
The popular Orient Express is a dream-like. Not free, but an opportunity, which once in a lifetime should be visited.

16. Visit one of the world’s seven wonders
Big Giza Pyramid, Babylon’s Hanging Gardens, Olympia’s Statue of Zeus, Artemis Temple, Halicarnassus mausoleum, Rhodes Colosse, Alexandria’s Lighthouse.

17. Go Scuba Diving
You can see beautiful corals, tropical fish, or even sharks, depending on where you’re doing your scuba diving. Make sure to look at the best places you can scuba dive.

18. See the Great Barrier Reef
If you want to dive, kill two birds with a single stone and make it the best dive destination in the world! Together closely with the above!

So now you are ready to explore and complete your bucket list.