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Comparing Private Jets with Commercial Airliners

When deciding between chartering a private jet or a commercial airliner for your trip, it is worth spending time thinking about the differences. Just what can Jettly offer you that the commercial airliners cannot?

Greater Choice of Destinations

Private jets will take off and land at both major and general airports, which gives them access to ten times the number of destinations commercial airlines have access to. This will mean that users can in many cases arrive or depart close to their home or office. This is convenient and time-saving.

Fitting in with Your Schedule

The main difference between opting for a private jet and booking a commercial flight is that commercial flights are scheduled way in advance so leave at times that are predetermined and on set days. Because of this, you have to search many commercial flight websites to find a flight that will best fit in with your schedule. It is unlikely to suit you completely. This is where private jets come into their own because you can pick the time and the day to fit in with your plans and not someone else’s schedule.

Enhanced Safety

When it comes to safety, private jets are considered safer than commercial airliners to travel on because they can fly above the weather. Their ability and opportunity to fly above the clouds will mean that they can avoid bad weather. This will in turn mean fewer delays for private jet passengers who often want to arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. Particularly if they are in business and time means money.

How the Aircraft Differ

Private jets are generally much smaller than commercial airliners, which is the reason why they can fly above the clouds and avoid bad weather. However, larger private jets can be chartered to meet all demands. It depends on the number of passengers you wish to book for.

There are something like eight types of jet to choose from when chartering a private jet, depending on the company that you choose. They include very light jets, small light jets, super light jets, mid-size cabin jets, super mid-size cabin jets, heavy jets, ultra-range heavy jets, and executive liners or Bizliners. The very light jet might be a HondaJet Elite, whereas a Bombadier will be used for the heavy or long-range jets. A mid-sized cabin jet often used is the Gulfstream G150. The jet selected will be geared to the needs of the customer.

The Distance you can Fly

Distance possibilities are not compromised by choosing a private jet. The choice of planes mentioned above will ensure all differences are catered for, from short distance business trips to long haul holiday flights. Light jets will have a range of 1000-1800 miles, mid-size jets 2000-3000 miles, super mid-size jets 3000-4000 miles, and a large cabin jet 4000 miles or more.

Flying Speeds

Commercial airliners fly at speeds considerably slower than private jets. A Boeing 747, for instance, will have a cruising speed of 500 mph, which is much slower than the average private jet. Commercial jets range from 460 mph to 575 mph, whereas private jets can fly at speeds ranging from 400 to 711 miles per hour. If time is your consideration, then a private jet is intended for you.


Private jets offer greater luxury in terms of space. They generally have larger seats and more legroom, as well as luxury fittings. It is the way to travel in style.

Luxurious features found on private jets will include luxurious lounges, full-service kitchens and bathrooms, dedicated bedrooms, and meeting and conference room facilities. Many will have personalized decors when it comes to their interiors. You will also have all the technology you desire and receive a first-class service while onboard.

To summarize, you can have a greater choice of destinations with private jets. Safety will be improved by the ability of private jets to avoid the bad weather below the clouds. Private jet passengers can fly at greater speeds and so arrive at their destinations faster. Included with all this is the luxury and comfort a private jet has to offer. You can also look forward to a top-class and personal service.