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Can Liverpool be Done in One Day?

We can make no mistake about the fact that as an international destination, Liverpool, like many, many other places, will probably continue to exist in the shadow of the likes of London as far as destinations people would choose to go to with regards to factors to consider such as how cheap a place is and how accessible the country its location it’s in. Be that as it may, for U.K. locals and residents and for those who have actually been to the U.K., Liverpool ranks right up there with some of the best in terms of local travel.

There’s just so much to do that the short answer to the question of whether or not Liverpool can be done in one day is a big fat NO, but one which pops up often among international travellers to the British Isles in particular. Why would there even be a need to try and do it one day?

I suppose if you’re pressed for time or in fact if you’re working with a limited budget and you just want to be able to say that you’ve been to Liverpool then you’d want to try and see if you can squeeze in as much of the uniquely Liverpool experience as possible. We have some suggestions as to some of the things to do and places to see which would be unmistakable in their association with Liverpool, which you can try and fit into a single day.

Being a major town and city with a major significance in the history and the economic landscape of England and the UK as a whole, it’s very easy to get into Liverpool, from wherever you’re seeking to arrive. Assuming you’re arriving from other parts of the country, you’d likely enter by road or by public transport such as the tube, but I would recommend getting there as early as sunrise if you only have a single day in which to explore as much of what the city has to offer as possible.

Kick things off with some sightseeing, whether it’s with a guide or all by yourself as the morning kicks into gear. If you eat breakfast early then there are plenty of cuisines, both traditionally local and international, to enjoy mostly from around 8 a.m., otherwise you can fill up on what the earliest risers typically fuel their bodies with in preparation of the workday.

10 a.m. has the Mersey River ferry cruise kicking off, which you should probably take and hop off at the Albert Dock to re-start your Liverpool adventure on land.

Not too far away is Liverpool One, which in all honesty is a shopping and entertainment venue which in itself could fill up your entire day, but all which it has to offer should perhaps be complemented with some uniquely Liverpool experiences like visiting the Beatles Story exhibition, exploring the cathedrals, galleries and museums, and I’d add in a visit to the Anfield Stadium to catch the Uefa champions in action on their home turf, but that would probably take up an entire day on its own.