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Best Restaurants in Canada

Canada is a North-American country having fantastic tourism attractions, excellent restaurants. Tourism is the largest source of revenue and foreign exchange reserves for the Government of Canada.

Apart from beautiful restaurants, Canada is rich in historical sites, culture, and beautiful landscapes. The world-famous and world’s largest falls are also located in Canada. 40% of the tourists travel to Canada to visit Niagara Falls.

Tourism creates millions of job opportunities every year for the people of Canada. The restaurants present in Canada are full of tourist facilities and entertainment.

The world-famous restaurants in Canada include:

  • Alo (Toronto)St. Lawrence (Vancouver)
  • River Café (Calgary)
  • Maenam (Vancouver)
  • Enoteca (Winnipeg)
  • Annalena (Vancouver)
  • Alice (Ottawa)
  • Candide (Montreal)
  • Rossmount Inn (Saint Andrews)

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Top 5 Restaurants to Visit in Canada

Are you planning to travel to Canada? Well, we have summarized a list of the Top 5 restaurants to visit in Canada:

1. Grey Gardens:

The Grey Garden is one of the best restaurants in Toronto. It is just vintage enough that it doesn’t give any dowdy feelings. The menu here includes dry-aged Peking-style duck breast, which is famous throughout the whole country.

Another world-famous menu of Grey Gardens is sweet shrimp with compressed watermelon and sometimes with radishes. Both these items are served with duck fried rice and homemade Sauternes.

2. Pukka:

Pukka is a world-famous sensation of chef Dinesh Butola, and for this reason, there is an Indian taste in its menu.

Indian cuisine includes slow-braised beef, served with short ribs, cumin, cardamom, and cloves. The deserts are served by Pukka ae sticky toffee pudding.

3. Alo Restaurant:

Chef Patrick Kriss opened this restaurant on the third floor of the Victorian Building. The famous menu is French-influenced cuisine, 30-day dried rack of lamb, Yuzu, Wasabi, and Hokkaido Sea Urchin.

4. Red Satay Grill:

Red Satay Grill is specialized mainly in Vietnamese food. It is a down-to-earth and a brilliant restaurant. The main dishes in Red Satay Grill are Pho Soup, Vermicelli Noodles (Stir-Fried), and fusilli pasta with beef slices.

“Jenny Special” is a dish famous in the whole of Canada. It includes a massive and large bowl of grilled beef. The bowl contains pork, shrimp, carrots, spring roll, broccoli, and streamed ice in addition to grilled beef.

5. Calactus:

Calactus is world-famous due to its healthy menu, including vegetarian food influenced by cuisine. You can eat every food from Indian to Mexican origin. The prices of foods are very reasonable here.

 The interior of the restaurant is of homey and quirky nature. Apart from food, Calactus offers espresso coffees, wines, and local beers.

Final Words

Try some of these restaurants while exploring the beautiful Canadian destinations! Pack your bags and plan your journey to see as much as possible!