Best places to kayak in the UK

Kayaking is a great way to discover the wonders of this country, especially if you are unfamiliar with our nation’s famous aquatic landscapes. From the cockpit of your Aquaplanet Kayak, you can visit brilliant stretches of water; ranging from awe inspiring fjords to areas of your local canals that you have never explored. 

Here is our guide to some of the best places you can kayak within the UK. We will cover a range of locations; so every level of kayaker, from beginner to pro, should find something that takes their fancy. 

The Wye Valley

Starting with something suitable for those of you who have only recently started kayaking, the Wye Valley is a brilliant place to kayak. With 100+ miles of easily navigated water that you can explore, one can gently paddle along the banks of the River Wye; enjoying brilliant views of the fields, woods and cliffs that you pass through, brimming with wildlife that you can observe from the cockpit of your kayak. When you get tired, there are plenty of riverside pubs and cafes to stop off at and refresh yourself, and campsites are also there at regular intervals if you are planning to do a multi day trip.

The Lee Valley Olympic Centre

One of the UK’s best kayaking spots is located a stone’s throw away from the capital, and played host to the kayaking events at the London Olympics in 2012. The Lee Valley White Water Centre has kayaking facilities for everyone to enjoy, ranging from their calm lake where you can become acclimated to kayaking and get a handle on the technique of paddling, to entry level rapids for beginners, and all the way up to their Olympic level slalom for only the most proficient kayakers. If you want more than a great location, and want to learn more about the sport, the centre also offers kayaking lessons where you can develop your proficiency with a specific aspect of the sport and be trained by some of the best in the world. 

The Jersey Coast

If the River Wye or the Lee Valley isn’t exotic enough for you, and you want somewhere within the UK with some sunshine; Jersey is the place for you. You can take your own inflatable kayak, or easily hire them from one of the numerous kayak hire companies that are there. When you kayak here you have a chance to see Dolphins that are often spotted along the Jersey coastline. Alongside the lucky chance to see a dolphin, there are plenty of other natural wonders you can experience, such as rare birds that you don’t see on the mainland of the UK. With a perfect mix of craggy cliffs and serene sandy coves, both of which are great to explore by kayak.

Derwentwater, in the Lake District

Our last suggestion is hardly off the beaten track, it is arguably the most famous lake in the Lake District; Derwentwater. The national park is a prime kayaking location, enjoyed by experienced kayakers and those who just want a lazy Sunday afternoon paddle alike. Known as the ‘Queen of the Lakes’, Derwentwater is one of the best places to kayak in the UK because of its gorgeous views. Whilst on the water you can take in the brilliant Fells that have captured Britain’s imaginations for millenia.