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A Family Road-Trip Stopover in Bristol

It’s amazing how at times it takes something like a global pandemic for us to take a step back, look up and realise that we have so much to appreciate as part of our everyday environments. With lockdown restrictions incrementally easing, many UK families are planning local road-trips as a way to appreciate what they may not have realised they’re lucky to have had all along.

Of all the many places mentioned as popular stopovers for family road-trips, Bristol appears to only recently get the recognition many might argue it deserves. On the one hand visitors and locals who have experienced a lot of the best it has to offer, readily recommend the place which has a proud heritage, but on the other hand, its understated impressiveness has many who enjoy Bristol seeking to keep it to themselves, as some kind of secret.

Well, the secret is out now, but there’s plenty of all the good which is on offer to go around for everyone, testimony to which is how an entire family can come away from a road-trip stopover in Bristol fully satisfied.

Should you opt for family accommodation?

While many do indeed try and cater to a travelling family, the typical hotel can never offer the kind of family-oriented accommodation as something like serviced apartments. Family accommodation doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to everything that encompasses a temporary place to stay, on a family road-trip stopover in Clifton, Bristol.

None of the options will ever really fully recreate your regular domestic setup, but that’s never the point. A two-bedroom suite or an entire two-bedroom house would more than do, especially considering that the whole point of a road trip is to explore new or familiar environments in a setting that effectively forces closer interactions among the travelling pack.

So a serviced apartment makes for the ultimate home away from home and great family-friendly accommodation.

Things to do

Bristol offers plenty of fun for the whole family to get lost in. An attraction such as the Bristol Zoo, complemented with a visit to the Observatory, a sit-down at one of the many character-filled cafes and restaurants, and a bit of shopping down Whiteladies Road, makes for some fun the whole family can enjoy together.

When venturing out from your accommodation, Each member of the family can also get lost in their own flavour of age-and-taste-appropriate fun; like dad catching live Bristol City FC game at Ashton Gate, after enjoying some culture with mum at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery…

Staying in the Clifton area can have you taking full advantage of the peace and quiet if all you want to do is enjoy some downtime.

Best time to visit

For a family road-trip, perhaps the best time to visit is from June through August, during summer. Otherwise, because of the heavy rainfalls this part of the world gets, it’s best to plan a little bit of a longer stay so that outdoor adventures can still be enjoyed on account of the weather. The summers are cool and mild, making it a very comfortable setting to enjoy all which the city has to offer from your family accommodation.