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7 unconventional places in Bratislava

Let´s exchange the classic city tours and let´s go to places where unconventional attractions await you. Places and buildings, which are curiosities for Bratislava but also for its wide surroundings. The Bratislava residents know them very well and the tourists will surely be happy to get to know them during their upcoming visit.

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Which unconventional attractions you will find in Bratislava?

Chuck Norris Bridge

The bridge that was built above the river Morava connects the Slovak and the Austrian river bank and creates the interconnection of the existing bike routes.

When selecting its name, in a form of a survey, also the citizens of the city have cooperated and after only a week a rather weird name took the lead – the „Chuck Norris bridge“ that became the winner.

However, this idea was not accepted and the bridge got the official name „Freedom Cycle Bridge“ („Cyklomost Slobody“) as showing respect to the victims who perished in these places on their journey to freedom.

The bridge will probably remain the Chuck Norris Bridge for the Bratislava people. Make a bike trip, go and see it.

Cannonballs in the walls of houses

Maybe you will not notice them while walking through the city centre, but if we point your attention to them, let´s focus also on the buildings „marked“ with cannonballs in the walls.

Allegedly it was a normal practice how to arrange tax allowances in the past. Who knows?

Such buildings you can find on the Main Square (Hlavné námestie), e.g. the Old Town hall (Stará radnica) or in the Michalská street, or also in the Apponyi Palace. Explore them yourselves during your sightseeing in the city.

Military bunker directly in Petržalka

Yes, in the most densely populated settlement in Central Europe is located the Museum of Petržalka fortification (Múzeum petržalského opevnenia) – the B-S 8 military bunker.

It is an extraordinary connection of history from the 30th of the 20th century and urbanism from the times of the socialist regime. Get to know the history, fates, weaponry, equipment and overall functioning in times of peace and war by means of outdoor and indoor exposition.

Gallery on the peninsula

On the peninsula rising into the Danube river, approximately 15 kilometres south from the city centre, is situated the Danubiana modern art gallery.

In the name of this modern building – Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum – hides the name of the river that surrounds it, as well as the name of its sponsor, the Dutch collector and artistic patron Gerard H. Meulensteen.

This impressive building should be a reminiscence of the shape of a Roman galley stuck in the river shoal. It is surrounded by a large park with a number of sculptural works.

Not only the modern architecture and the interesting location of the gallery, but also the attractive expositions are the reasons why Danubiana is celebrated by the prestigious world bedekers.

Choose the best way of transport – car, bus, ship or bike – and come to visit this gallery on the peninsula yourself.

UFO above the surface of the Danube

The Bridge of Slovak National Uprising (Most SNP) with ending of the two pillars in the shape of a UFO will hit every tourist in the eye. It is often referred to as the most interesting piece of architecture from the times of communism in Bratislava.

And right there, in the bowels of the UFO, you will explore a beautiful view and a luxury café and restaurant for an original gastronomy experience. You will find yourself in the height of 85 metres above the surface of the Danube and Bratislava will be at your hands.

The ideal time for a visit is before sunset. You can enjoy the view on Bratislava during the day, but also in the light of lamps.

Beer on public toilets

Currently, a big hit in Bratislava are the former public toilets transformed into cosy beerhouses. You will not recognise the previous history of these premises at all and you will be pleasantly surprised by their current look and possibilities.

Stylish beerhouses, where you will surely choose from the wide offer of delicious beers of small and quality breweries. Let´s meet in Steinplatz or Kollárko and see for yourself.

Accommodation in the brewery on the Danube

Are you a beer fan? Just imagine that you can spend a night in the brewery.

A brewery located directly on the Danube with craft beer of own production, dishes of Slovak cuisine and a possibility to spend a night on the ship with the silhouette of the city in the background – this is what we call an unforgettable experience. Bratislava has prepared also this feature for the tourists.

Is it still not enough? Then let´s add a party in the shopping mall, the forest right in the centre of the city or a concert in the inverted pyramid.

Do you like uniqueness and are you looking for unconventional places during your holidays or short trips? These places will surely meet your requirements and expectations from unconventional exploration of Bratislava.

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