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5 Must have luggage items for Avid Travellers

There are two types of travellers: those who savour every part of the journey, and those who just can’t wait to get to their destination. No matter what camp you fall into, you’ll agree that luggage can sometimes be a nuisance.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could just jet off to our destination without having to worry if we’ve forgotten anything or cart around a heavy suitcase?

While there’s no magic button we can press or teleportation machine that will transport our luggage to its destination, there are many useful gadgets and products on the market that will make packing and transporting your cargo easier. We’ve selected eight of our favourites below.

Packing Cubes

Pack faster easier and faster with packing cubes! Packing cubes are small zip bags that usually come in a pack of various sizes. Packing cubes help to sort your suitcase, backpack or bag into organised compartments. This not only makes unpacking far easier but you’ll also find it far easier to grab the thing you’re looking for in the car, airport, plane or train!

Hundreds of companies have caught onto the convince of packing cubes which means there are many brands out there offering their own version of the simple yet effective design. This set of Eono packing cubes from Amazon comes with a small, medium and large zip-able cubes with a mesh outer so you can see what’s inside! The pack also comes with convenient sock, underwear and shoe bags as well as a drawstring bag and cosmetics bag.

Roof Bars and roof boxes

There’s nothing more frustrating or stressful than loading the car the night before your trip only to find out all of your cargo doesn’t fit in the boot! For the journeys where over-packing is inevitable or you just need some extra space use a roof bar. Thule roof bars come in a range of styles and can be adapted to fit any vehicle with the right fit kit. They also offer even more convenient styles such as the sliding roof bar which helps users to load on their cargo without awkwardly reaching over the car roof. Once assembled, the roof rack can be used to safely hold suitcases, bags or even kayaks! For smaller amounts of luggage, a roof box is a great option when you need a little extra space.

Cable Tidy Bag

Most travellers bring along with them a select amount of cable for different devices. While totally necessary, cables can also be a totally nightmare for troublesome tangles! Nobody wants to take time away from their trip to spend unravelling wires and de-tangling cables. This is one travel problem that can easily be solved with the help of a cable tidy bag!

This organiser is slim enough to fit nicely in most laptop bags but can also be stashed in a suitcase, backpack or handbag if you’d like. It includes several compartments to keep your cables nice and organised and most importantly…tangle free!

Shirt Carrier

Keeping clothes free from wrinkles is almost impossible when packing them in a suitcase. Sure, you can bring along a travel iron, but who wants to spend their precious travelling time ironing? A shirt carrier will keep your shirts crisp and fresh. Perfect for when you want to head out quickly to a business meeting or nice dinner.

Car boot Organiser

For long distance trips there are roof racks but for weekends away and shorter journeys there are boot organisers! Save yourself the hassle of rummaging through large bags to find what you need and stop loose articles from rolling around in your cars boot and becoming damaged. Use a boot organiser to safely and neatly stash your cargo and help yourself grab exactly what you need once you arrive to your destination.

This boot organiser is collapsible and features two handles so you can carry it to your hotel room, your tent or your caravan once you arrive and fold it away neatly for storage until the next time you need it!