Portable vaporizers are the most popular form of vaporizers in 2016. They are small and compact but that doesn’t mean they don’t deliver an impressive vaporizing experience. Portable vapes are exactly what they sound like: vaporizers meant for on-the-go application. Majority of them are battery powered and can last you a few smoking sessions away from home.


Unfortunately, all of the high end vaporizers are retailing at a price ranging from $150 to $300. If your offer is below $150, you’re probably going to be looking at something that lacks in quality vapor production, reliability, and won’t be able to match the ones in the superior category.

This article covers some of the best portable vaporizers in the market. If you’re considering investing in a vape that is worthwhile, you’re probably going to folk out more than $220.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Compared to other superior models like the FireFly and Pax, the Arizer Solo is an old soul. It has been in existence for more than three years now, and yet still the most reliable and highly productive vaporizer in the market. Many people who purchased this device sometime back continue to use it even though all of these new vaporizers are hitting the market with force. It’s just that good.

The Arizer Solo primarily consists of 2 components: the glass pipe and the battery/base. The following is the procedure for using it:

  • Preheat the base
  • Load the dry herb into the bottom of the glass pipe
  • Slide the base upside down
  • Flip the whole thing so you can inhale on the straw

The Arizer Solo basically uses an ‘all glass’ heating and delivery system, which explains why its vapor tastes so good. For each load of pipe, you get about 15-20 solid inhales. Reloading it is as simple as gently knocking the glass pipe against the ashtray and then blowing the remainder out. You don’t have to interfere with screens or any complex system. In addition, the Arizer Solo is designed to last.

Arizer Solo is absolutely one of the undisputed champions of the personal vaping world. To obtain it, you’ve to folk out about $220.

The FireFly 2  Vaporizer

Introduced recently, the FireFly is another on-the-go vaporizer used by many people all over the world. Like Arizer Solo, it uses an ‘all glass’ heating and delivery system, which ensures that your lungs are devoid of any vaporized plastic or metal shot. The flavor of the smoke produced is just fantastic.

The glass heating chamber is of impressive quality and the device feels sturdy and built to last. It’s a little bit heavy but solidly built that the extra weight isn’t a big concern. Its performance is outstanding. Once you energize it, the heating mechanism gets to work almost instantly, and the taste and cloud volume is really lovable.

For each load of dry herb you fill into the chamber, you get about ten satisfactory puffs of great tasting vapor. On the other hand, it’s built in a way that makes it extremely easy to clean out and refill. When it comes to maintenance and refilling, it’s probably the best of all vaporizers.

To get it, you have to part with about $270 but it’s worth the price tag considering its high quality.

Pax by Ploom Vaporizer

Since the beginning of 2014, the Pax vaporizer has exploded into popularity. Now at the beginning of 2016, the Pax 2 is making huge waves, and it’s right at the top of the pile in terms of brand recognition. Many Pax 2 vape reviews and advertisements were made last year which implies that the product is faring pretty well. Intensive marketing of a product doesn’t make it great. But in this case, it does.

It doesn’t do anything very well, but it does everything pretty well enough to defend its high price tag. It’s compact, it easily fits in your pocket, its performance is consistent and it’s classy. It holds only little quantities of product in the chamber at a time. For every full chamber of dry herb you’ll get about 10 satisfactory puffs of sweet vapor. Not a lot of output, but refilling it is quiet easy and its size is one of its best features anyway.

Altogether, you won’t be dissatisfied in this personal vaporizer. In all likelihood, this is one of the best vaporizers in the market. It looks great and performs everything well enough with no glaring weaknesses to speak of. To have it, you have to spend about $250. That isn’t much if you consider the benefits you’ll derive from this product.