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Who Is Regan Hastings, Author of VISIONS OF MAGIC? (Giveaway)

Thank you, Sue, for hosting me here today at Borders True Romance, even though you don’t know who I really am! :)
The Salem Witch Trials are one of the most horrific events in U.S. history, a source of shame and chagrin to every American. “Those silly pilgrims!” we think. “How stupid they were! How naive, to believe in witches.”

How would we react today if we learned that witches were, in fact, real?

If their terrible deeds were trumpeted every night on Fox News, with in-depth analysis on the weekends and a sermon against evil on Sunday morning… would we want witches dead? Would we watch our neighbors for signs of magic? Would we turn our backs on our friends based on mere suspicion, or the fear of being associated with someone who is under suspicion? Would we put our tax dollars behind the formation of a Federal Bureau of Witchcraft? Would we, as a society, kill innocent women?

Those questions were the genesis of The Awakening series, which launches on February 1 with VISIONS OF MAGIC. I wanted to explore the dark side of human nature. We judge the people at Salem harshly because they believed in witches. But if witches were real, were the actions of the people of Salem wrong? Would we act any differently today? VISIONS OF MAGIC takes place now, but in a “now” where witches exist, and where the witch hunt is backed by modern technology and weaponry.

Shock and awe.

Several years ago, Shea Jameson’s aunt was the first confirmed witch to be executed at a high-tech, gas-powered stake. Ever since, the Magic Police have kept a steady eye on Shea, looking for any hint of witchcraft. But Shea isn’t a witch… or so she thinks.

As the book starts, Shea’s heretofore unsuspected powers awaken in a way that terrifies her and the people around her. She is a witch, but she has no control over her powers! Shea doesn’t have time to fear the Magic Police; the angry crowd will kill her before the authorities arrive.bow jacket 269x300 Blogguest, Regan Hastings & Giveaway!

She has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, until a man aflame embraces her and swoops her away in a column of fire. Is he her rescuer or her captor? He is Torin, a stranger who says he’s watched her throughout her life. A stranger who claims to be her eternal mate, and that the mating must begin at once.

Shock and awe, again.

Shea and Torin work together to save an ungrateful society from the evil that Shea and her sister witches called upon the world many lifetimes ago. Only Shea can save the world… and she has to do it while that same world is trying to destroy her. :)

VISIONS OF MAGIC is my first book under the name Regan Hastings, but you’ve seen books I’ve written under another name on the USA TODAY bestsellers list many times. I decided to have a little fun with my new identity. I’m holding a contest for readers to guess who I really am. Ask me any yes or no question that you want here today (except for asking my name), and I’ll answer honestly.

If you think you know who I am, send your guess to Whether or not you’re right, I’ll send you the first chapter of VISIONS OF MAGIC. If you guess right, then you’ll be entered in a contest to win this Federal Bureau of Witchcraft fleece jacket. The winner will be chosen at random on February 1, and the contest is open to readers around the world.

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